"WE Believe"

The following describes Destiny International Missions' position on the fundamental truths of out faith. these beliefs are firmly rooted in the Holy Scriptures, and have become the compass for our decisions, experience and expectations as a church.  


GOD : One God, creator and ruler of the universe. Existing eternally as three distinct persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (Trinity). We believe in Jesus who came to this world as the Savoir of mankind. We believe in the Holy Spirit who is present today showing all men their need to have Jesus, and enabling all who believe to live pleasing God always.

BIBLE : Entirely inspired by God without error, reveals the will of God, and is the foundation   and authority upon which we base our faith, actions, doctrines and values.

MANKIND : All mankind was created by God in his image, but sinned and fell through disobedience, and that all people are sinners by nature and practice thus requiring help from God.

SALVATION : A free gift of God to man. Received by accepting that Jesus died on the cross to save man. No one can make up for his sins by good works, only by believing in God's offer of eternal life through Jesus. 

ETERNITY : Man was created to exist throughout eternity. He will either spend foreverseparated from God, or united with God because of salvation through Jesus. We believe that heaven and hell are eternal places of existence. 

ORDINANCES : A spiritual practice initiated by Jesus. WATER BAPTISM by immersion expressing outwardly the new life in Christ. HOLY COMMUNION is a memorial of Jesus, and the power available in his death, resurrection and return.  

CHURCH : Every one saved must actively associate with a community of believers (CHURCH).   The Holy Spirit leads the church through LEADERS that He has called and anointed to provide spiritual oversight,  and nurturing.  The Holy Spirit empowers the church family by the ANOINTING to operate actively in the SPIRITUAL GIFTS that he imparts to the church, thus creating a community of Prophetic and Apostolic people interacting together for fellowship, growth and service.

GIVING : Giving expresses our life of love and generosity. It enforces our desire and belief that God must be put first in all things.  It shows love for God and commitment to His work.   We give our Time, Treasures , Talents. We believe in Tithing ( giving 10% of our income )  as God's principle for abundance and prosperity.